All the ranks of Brown Belt are difficult because of one reason–it is all training for the rank of BlacK Belt. As a Brown Belt 2nd Kyu, the student is given the opportunity for himself or herself to become a teacher of lower-ranking students while still being trained according to their specified regimen. As a teacher, the Brown Belt 2nd Kyu is allowed to wear different color uniform or “gi” than the traditional white.

The following techniques or “combinations” are mandatory for attaining the rank of Brown Belt 2nd Kyu:

Striking Mace
Raising the Shield
Sweeping Reeds
Bending Reeds
The Thistle
Swinging Gate
Crossing Swords
Crossing Hammers
Reversing Hammers
Thrusting Limb
Stone Warrior
Sweeping Branches
Passing Wind
Reversing Wind
Twisting Staves
Guiding the Staff
The Escape
Double Spear
Whirling Thorn
Along with these techniques, the student is also required to perfect the Kata “Long Four.”