Attaining the rank of Brown Belt is no easy task. The regimen for Brown Belt training includes and even supercedes the difficulty of other schools’ Black Belt regimens. Before the colored belts came into existence in the USA, the rank of Brown Belt was the first rank after White Belt. Basically, a person holding a rank of Brown Belt is no amateur–and the training reflects that.

The following techniques or “combinations” are mandatory for attaining the rank of Brown Belt 3rd Kyu:

Tumbling Clouds
Springing Tiger
Covering the Flame
Cobra and the Mongoose
Startled Cat
Dance of the Mongoose
Offer of Dust
Ming’s Sword
Chinese Fan
Locking the Gate
Chinese Cobra
Legions of Ming
The Dagger
Whirling Mantis
Shaolin Warrior
Silent Escape
Whirling Blades

Along with these techniques, the student is also required to perfect the Kata “Short Three.”