Being the last rank of the “colored” belts, a Green Belt level student is expected to know the basic moves extremely well and a large set of advanced moves. Sparring is full speed but they are also expected to use discretion when sparring students of a lower rank. Each student is constantly evaluated for the next big step to the rank of Brown Belt. Again, endurance and strength are conditioned but accuracy is also stressed much more prominently.

The following techniques or “combinations” are mandatory* for attaining the Green Belt:

Clawing Panther
Spear of Jade
Three Winds Claw
Prance of the Tiger
Chinese Thumb Screw
Silk Wind
Leveling the Clouds
Kung Fu Wrist
Retreating Phoenix
Plucking a Bird from the Sky
Parting the Waves
Sleeves of China
Monkey Elbow
Shooting Star
Circles of Glass
Japanese Hand
Folding Wings
Dropping Blade
Falling Heel
Along with these techniques, the student is also required to perfect the Kata “Long Two.”

* The full set is mandatory for adult students. Younger students are required to learn a partial set according to their instructor.