Students training for their Blue Belt have one common attribute–they are not new anymore. Sparring at this stage in the training is focused upon and the techniques taught during this time shows that. Defensive as well as offensive maneuvers are trained to be used interchangeably and no slack is given for the lack of practice on the student’s part. Both mental and physical endurance are conditioned for the sparring sessions.

The following techniques or “combinations” are mandatory* for attaining the Blue Belt:

Bowing to Buddha
Sweeping Arm Hook
Spinning From The Sun
Flashing Wings
Snapping Twig
Prayer of Death
Striking Serpent
Attacking The Wall
Circle of China
Dance of Death
Returning Viper
Returning Thunder
Sticks of Satan
Uncovering the Flame
Leap of Death
Two Headed Serpent
Double Blades
Aiming the Spear
Along with these techniques, the student is also required to perfect the Kata “Short Two.”

* The full set is mandatory for adult students. Younger students are required to learn a partial set according to their instructor.