Attaining the Orange Belt is the first major milestone for our students. Being the first belt, the students learn tha basics of the Kenpo style. Although we say “basic” one should not underestimate the effectiveness of these moves. Our best Black Belts use these same moves with blinding efficiency and perfecting them is key to attaining the higher ranks.

The following techniques or “combinations” are mandatory* for attaining the Orange Belt:

Japanese Strangle Hold
Passing the Horizon
Retreating From The Horizon
Pushing the Circle
Blocking the Kick
Tackle Techniques
Opponent at Sides
Crashing Elbows
Kimono Grab
Crashing The Eagle
Reverse Hammerlock
Full Nelson
Windmill Guard
Front Bear Hug
Rising Elbows
Wrap Around

Along with these techniques, the student is also required to perfect the Kata “Short One.”

* The full set is mandatory for adult students. Younger students are required to learn a partial set according to their instructor.