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A private lesson usually consists of the basic combinations and katas required for promotion to the next belt, drills to perfect different techniques, and some sparring if needed. We say “usually” because since it is a personal training session, the instructor is free to concentrate on any weaknesses in any given area that the student might possess. This ensures that the student becomes a well-rounded martial artist which many times is simply not possible in a group-only training environment.

Instructors always consider the students’ safety first during the execution of drills, stretching, and especially sparring. All students are required to wear sufficient padding when they spar. Sparring sessions are always run at the speed of the student in order to prevent injuries. Also, as with any exercise regimen, it is advised that you consult with a qualified physician before starting.

Two words – PRIVATE INSTRUCTION. We offer a weekly private lesson by a Black Belt Personal Trainer. This is INCLUDED in the tuition. If you would like to compare us with other personal trainers, you will find that most are charging about $75.00 PER HOUR. Not only do you get a private 1/2 lesson every week scheduled at your convenience, any student can attend as many group classes as they want to. We have group classes EVERY day, 7 days a week between the two locations. Go ahead, take them all and get the full advantage of the classes!