Youth Programs

All Students get a weekly private lesson.


  • Builds Self-Discipline and Responsibility
  • Forms Socialization and Teamwork Skills
  • Encourages Physical Activity
  • Teaches to Set and Achieve Goals
  • Boosts Self-Esteem
  • Instills a Sense of Respect
  • Enforces Self Control and Good Decision Making
  • Enhances Memorization and Retention
  • Inspires Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Helps acquire Balance, Posture, Coordination and Motor Skills


All students get a weekly private lesson

Our skills-based training programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive fitness solution. Unlike most gym workouts, which focus on either cardiovascular OR strength training, martial arts workouts are designed to condition your whole body.

Along with improved cardiovascular and muscular fitness, students reap another crucial benefit: advanced flexibility training. Stretching and flexibility, a frequently overlooked component of fitness, are not only critical to overall fitness, but are also a key to avoiding injury.

Any student enrolled in a fitness program, who wishes to switch to a karate program where they may obtain rank need only tell their instructor.




Adult Programs

All Students get a weekly private lesson.


  • Enhances Ability to Focus
  • Adults are Naturally Goal Oriented (They know that if they learn, practice and perform well that they may be rewarded with belt promotion)
  • Motivation to Get Fit and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Desire to Learn Self Defense
  • Families That Kick Together Stick Together (every Sunday at our Island Park location, there’s a class for both children and adults, where parents and children are encouraged to take class together).


  • Chinese Kenpo Karate, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, cardio kickboxing
  • Located in the village of Island Park
    Island Park (516) 431-8293
  • Professional boxing ring
  • Programs tailored to a student’s individual wants/needs
  • Instructors with decades of experience
  • Children, adults, men, women, all levels; all welcome

The U.S. Karate Academy is one of the oldest full time martial arts schools in the New York area. We offer a number of avenues of study such as Kenpo Karate, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and boxing. U.S. Karate Academy is an official Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Training Center and Chief Instructor (Shihan) Robert Mauro is on the board of directors for Joe Lewis Fighting Systems. Shihan Mauro is a three time recipient of the Fight Trainer of the Year Award. Bob Mauro is actively involved in EACH AND EVERY student’s instruction and teaches many of the dojo’s group classes. This is unique, as in many dojos, the chief instructor only teaches senior students. Shihan Mauro has been training for over 45 years. The school has black belts with decades of experience, some of them professional kickboxing world champions, so when Shihan Mauro is not teaching, you will be in good hands. Whether you’re looking to fight professionally, or simply looking to do cardio kickboxing to stay in shape, U.S. Karate Academy has a program for you. The secret is the weekly private lesson. In addition to there being classes 7 days a week, each student gets a weekly private lesson. During this lesson, a student’s individual needs are addressed. The school boasts of a professional boxing ring and highly trained instructors.





Sign up for a minimum of 3 months and you will recieve a FREE uniform, a PRIVATE lesson each week and UNLIMITED group classes.

You MUST mention that you saw this on our web site and this offer can not be combined with any other offer.